my-city-magazine-jimmy-repoRepo Record is everything the serious record enthusiast and music collector thrives on.

That’s because owner Jimmy Repo knows the feeling of scoring a long sought-after record. He knows what it’s like to hold it expectantly in your hands, to gaze at the cover art in full 12-inch splendor, and to take that first big whiff of new vinyl smell, because he’s been doing it himself for over 40 years. He knows that music serves as the soundtrack to your life.  In other words, he is you, and nothing makes him happier than hooking people up with music.

Jimmy started buying records as a kid, then began DJing as a teen. Shortly afterwards, he wound up spinning records professionally in Atlanta discos throughout the ‘80s. When he returned to Charlotte in 1988, he opened the original Repo Records, which grew to three brick & mortar stores. Now he runs Repo 2.0 in the old Heywood Sewing Center at the edge of Plaza-Midwood.

Yep, he’s a record geek. That’s why Repo is:

  • Clean, well lit and organized
  • Spacious inside, with easy access and parking in both the front and back of the store
  • Stocked with a huge selection of carefully-graded used LPs, new vinyl reissues, and CDs  — Rock, Blues, Reggae, Local, Country, Jazz, Folk, Soundtracks, R&B/Funk, Hip-Hop, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Comedy and much more
  • The place for rarities, memorabilia, notions, and other important stuff
  • Vintage audio gear (turntables, receivers, power amps, speakers, etc.)
  • Proud Record Store Day participant
  • Live in-store performances

It’s how he’s always done it. And how he’ll continue to do it. Come experience Repo.